Brisbane Brewery Tours and Brisbane Bucks Party

Like Beer? Want Beer? Need Beer? We’ve got Beer for you and your buds for Africa! Join the Beer Monster Express as you take our Brisbane Brewery Tours and check out some of the finest Craft Beer this side of the Nullarbor. (Hey, Western Australia has a whopping 47 Micro Breweries! We’re still playing catch up over here on the East Side. Write to your MP! Call the Police! Cut out the middle man and start up your own Craft Beer Micro Brewery and call it Runaway Beers!)

XXXX Marks the Spot

How do you spell beer in Australia? XXXX! Never fails to amuse… Have you ever wondered how the XXXX brew got its name? Or how it’s made? Or what it tastes like when it’s poured fresh at the brewery? If your answer is YES, treat yourself to one of our historic XXXX Brewery & Alehouse Tours! It’s an unbeatable way to discover the legend of XXXX and experience a true Australian icon up close.

Journey through one of Brisbane’s greatest attractions in a remarkable exploration of the world of XXXX. This brewery tour will take you through the 135-year history of XXXX, from its origins to its position as Australia’s number one beer. Learn where the hops, yeast and water goes in and where the beer pours out. Once you’ve stuffed your grey matter full of all things beer-producing related, try a selection of XXXX beery products including the classic XXXX Gold, the XXXX Gold Australian Pale Ale and, oh, just more good Aussie beer!

Brisbane Craft Beer Tours

Take a trip to another three local Brisbane Microbreweries and check out some sweet, sweet Craft Beer paddles. At Aether Brewing we’ll fill you up with a charcuterie Board, smoked burnt animal and some of Mama’s secret recipe pizza to stave away the hunger pain. Eating’s cheating? Not after you’ve had your fill of yummy goodness here. Delish! Following your food frenzy, get stuck into four cheeky Craft Beer tasters complete with hop shaped tasting paddles and enjoy the vibe. Who ever said Beer Tours were tasteless excesses of hedonism?

Let’s head over to the North Side and feel the Beer Love when you enter the Green Beacon Brewery in Brisbane’s trendy riverside area. Dogs and Bucks are all welcome! The Wool Sheds and Submarines have disappeared but the Breweries are breeding like Cane Toads! Nautically themed beers abound – Windjammer, Half Mast and 7 Bells (Ned) will keep your thirst quenched and the squalls at bay. Can’t see a Salty Dog or Roger the Cabin Boy here yet but I’m sure the Brewers are working on those as we speak.

One last stop to see and be seen is Newstead Brewing, opened on a balmy night in late 2013. This former 1940’s bus depot still has the feel of its original beginnings as a simple steel warehouse. Relax and enjoy the vibe while sampling 4 tastings here and you should be one more step closer to Toasty…

 Your Crafty Craft Beer Day Out is now complete.

The Lowdown

  • Take a tour of Queensland’s famous XXXX Brewery
  • Then visit 3 Inner City Brisbane Micro Breweries
  • Multiple beer tastings at each brewery
  • Pizza and Smoked BBQ Lunch
  • Private tour with your own personal minibus and driver
  • Pick up and drop off from a central location of your choice
  • Duration: 10.30am to 4.30pm

Additional information

Group BookingMin 8 people

Brisbane XXXX and Microbrewery Tour


4 Breweries with multiple beer tastings at each
Take the historic XXXX Brewery & Alehouse Tour
Yummy Pub Lunch
Private tour with your own personal driver and vehicle
Pick up and drop off from Brisbane or the Gold Coast

Gold Coast Bucks Party
QLD Tour
Brisbane Bucks Party
QLD Tour
Brisbane Microbrewery tour
QLD Tour
Gold Coast Bucks Party
QLD Tour
Brisbane Microbrewery tour
QLD Tour

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